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When Looking At A Web Address

For a distance greater than that, let’s say 1,000 feet to 2,000 feet, you need a system with a one watt transmitter. What’s more, while Bilderberg was chiefly a policy coordinating body, Le Cercle went far beyond that, effectively operating as a full blown private intelligence network. Le Cercle would throw its extensive intelligence resources behind Margaret Thatcher and later Ronald Reagan, the elections of which formerly reversed course from detente to full blown rollback against the Soviet Union. Having covered some of the numerous outraged committed by the Cercle complex over the years in a prior series, my purpose here is to explore the possible origins Le Cercle had in what is commonly referred to as Operation Gladio. I’ve already examined the Cercle complex at length before here, but for those of you just tuning in: Le Cercle is somewhat akin to the far right’s answer to the Bilderberg Group.

David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, one time affiliates, had formerly broken with the group by 1980. This was part of a broader break with the Bilderberg network. Welcome to the second installment in my examination of the origins of the shadowy network variously known as Le Cercle, the Pinay Circle and a host of other names. And as many of the longstanding ODESSA allegations have long maintained, this inner circle appears to have centered around Otto Skorzeny in the immediate decades following the Second World War. Gladio was only the name of the Italian component of what was a network spread across Western Europe that the Pentagon and CIA, along with their counterparts in the UK, established in the wake of the Second World War. The disruptions of a world war and revolution had created an opportunity to terminate the opium problem in the Far East. As the war was winding down, the infamous Italian philosopher and occultist Julius Evola went to work for the RHSA, likely in either Amt VI or VII, but most likely the latter.

And then there was the mysterious Amt VII, which is often described as the RHSA’s “research library.” In reality, it appears to have conducted a lot of arcane research into the occult. For our purposes here, I am mainly concerned with two departments of the RHSA: Amt VI and Amt VII. The recent change from DSS to DCSA primarily reflects reorganization of departments and personnel that work in the organization. The third organization hailed from Nazi Germany and was known as the Reich Main Security Office (RHSA). Henceforth, the author shall use ‘Secret Paramilitary Group’ or ‘SPG’ when discussing the hidden covert organization Donovan formed within the World Commerce Corporation. Instead, U.S. covert support for the Thai and KMT drug traffickers converted Southeast Asia, for more than two decades, into the world’s major source of opium and heroin. With only token support from the Truman administration, the Nationalists’ war with the Communist was faltering, and in Thailand a war had erupted between the police and army over the opium trade. But rather than staging a revival of the Reich, Skorzeny and his associates appear to have been enlisted by the Anglo-American defense establishments in their Cold War against the Soviet Union.

This inner hierarchy that Skorzeny was the figurehead of appears to have derived from a conglomerate called Sociedad Financiera Industrial, better known as SOFINDUS. But unlike ROWAK and HISMA, which were chiefly concerned with Spain, SOFINDUS had dealings across the world. One of our most popular is World Vision’s Girls in Crisis fund. First I made sure that neely’s world was up to date. First understand why monthly fees are necessary. Both organizations were founded in the early 1950s and forged a kind of alliance during the first few decades of their existence. There were essentially three organizations for which these stay-behind armies were modeled upon, two of which derived from the Anglo-American intelligence services. Le Cercle’s early backers largely hailed from Continental Europe and were chiefly comprised of members of the old aristocracy and various far right Catholic organizations such as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Opus Dei. When shopping for the right system for your business, the CER is the best indicator of overall accuracy.